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CMS and KEPRO Updates:

KEPRO’s helpline numbers will be changing. To ensure your Medicare beneficiaries are able to contact KEPRO to make timely appeals, please update the notices you provide them with the correct phone number for your region (Kentucky is in Region 4: 888-317-0751). Provide this number to beneficiaries beginning June 8th.

Complete a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Provider Update Form. Please click here after June 7, 2019, to complete the MOA and Provider Update Form and submit it to KEPRO.

Please click here for more information or subscribe to KEPRO’s e-mail distribution list for important BFCC-QIO updates.

Provider Preview Reports scheduled for August 1, 2019 will include the following updates:

- Pressure Ulcer Measure Transition

               -The current pressure ulcer measure, Percent of Residents or Patients with Pressure Ulcers That Are New or Worsened (Short Stay) (NQF #0678), will last appear on the May 2019 SNF Provider Preview Report. Starting August 1, 2019, this measure will be removed.

               -The new pressure injury measure, Changes in Skin Integrity Post-Acute Care, will first display on the August 2020 Provider Preview Report.

- Ending suppression of the PPR claims-based measure:  

               -Potentially Preventable 30-Day Post-Discharge Readmission Measure for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Quality Reporting Program

- Displaying measure short names in place of their long names and many aesthetic changes to field labels and headings.

- Update of the Discharge to Community Measure  

               -The refined measure results for the Discharge to Community Measure will be reflected for the first time in the fall 2019 Quarterly Refresh for the Nursing Home Compare website and the related August 2019 Provider Preview Reports.

What to do if MBI changes:

The Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) uses numbers 0-9 and all uppercase letters except for S, L, O, I, B, and Z. These letters are excluded to avoid confusion when differentiating some letters and numbers (e.g., between "0" and "O"). Read MLN Matters® Article "New MBI Get It, Use It" for other helpful information, such as what to do if an MBI changes.




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