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Don’t Miss Reducing Rehospitalizations/ADRs/ Case Mix Index Impact: 

Aegis Therapies and Hargis and Associates, will present this one-day seminar on Wednesday, October 31, from 8:30-3:30 at the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green, KY. Mary Saylor, MPT and Dr. Donna Diedrich, PT, of Aegis Therapies, along with Sarah McIntosh, Director of Operations at Hargis and Associates will address the hottest topics regarding rehospitalizations, how to handle ADRs, and the financial impact these have on the Case Mix Index. Cost to attend is $50.00 To register click here>>>>>

October 1 Facility Specific Medicare A Rate Calculations—CONTACT US NOW! 

We can calculate your Medicare A PPS rates that will be effective October 1, 2018—September 30, 2019. Additionally, we can translate your Value Based Purchasing Program (VBP) information into dollars for you. For a minimal fee, we have developed a report drilling down the financial impact specific to your facility. The VBP report requires you to provide your VBP Performance score report. This report can be found on tab 3 of the Casper Report—SNFVBP August 2018 Score Report FY19.xlsx.  

CGS Traveling Road Show Comes to Bowling Green and Lexington: 

The CGS team will present topics of interest to Medicare A & B Providers and staff, including enrollment, the new Medicare card, ABN, Medicare Secondary Payer, and cost report updates. Click below to register for Bowling Green on October 10, 2018 or Lexington October 11, 2018. Register Here 

MedLearn Matters article regarding Influenza Vaccine:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will post the payment allowances for influenza vaccines that are approved after the release of CR 10914 here. Make sure your billing staff is aware of this update. click here for more details.

Navigating Benefind Training now available:

Our office has been working with DMS and Providers to successfully navigate the Benefind System. Sarah McIntosh will provide a basic training on Benefind at KAHCF on October 25, 2018. Contact Sarah McIntosh to register. If you are interested in detailed Benefind training for your facility contact Sarah or Alesha.



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