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Kyle Fritsch

Say hello to Kyle Fritsch. Kyle has been with Hargis & Associates LLC for thirteen years and currently serves as Billing Manager. Kyle is an avid sports fan. In the summer you can find him playing a few rounds of golf, or watching major league baseball. From December thru March expect to hear him rave about all of the statistics of the University of Kentucky basketball team.

Kyle has a unique aptitude for mining data for dollars. Kyle is considered our “utility player” at the office as he is fluent in accounting, billing, computer and technology issues. When we have needs regarding anything from importing data to building a complex spreadsheet—Kyle is our go to. He has extensive knowledge of Point Click Care (PCC), and resolves accounts receivable delays quickly.

Kyle is your guy if you believe you are not maximizing your revenue stream, have slow accounts receivable turnover, have trouble accessing Medicare or Medicaid online information, or need someone to help navigate detailed PCC reports.

If you want to win, put Kyle on your team today!  

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