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Sharon Williams

Say hello to Sharon Williams. Sharon has been with Hargis & Associates LLC for 6 years and currently serves as an accounting specialist. She is a wife, mother of three, a grandmother and a dedicated Christian woman with a heart to serve. When not at work Sharon enjoys family and “Gammy” time, cooking (especially pies), home projects and reading.

Her areas of knowledge include financial as an accountant, Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting and QuickBooks; online and desktop. Sharon has worked with various healthcare providers across Kentucky and Indiana. Sharon also works extensively with Section 8 Senior Retirement Communities. She is knowledgeable with Property Management Software for Section 8 Housing Voucher Pro-gram Properties. As an accountant, Sharon can assist you on proper financial presentation and compliance for Section 8 Housing.

Need someone knowledgeable with Section 8 Housing Voucher Program Properties? Need help with QuickBooks? Need help converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

Contact Sharon today for a free consultation!

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