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Sarah McIntosh

Sarah has been with Hargis & Associates, LLC for 20 years. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Western Kentucky University, her areas of knowledge span from financial, as an accountant, to Medicare and Medicaid billing reimbursement.

Responding to an enormous need for billing, accounts receivable and collections assistance in nursing facilities, Sarah devoted her expertise to the billing process for Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, and Hospice. She began to travel to nursing facilities to help "clean up" old accounts receivable, fill-in as a temporary biller, and train new billers and staff. Eventually, an entire billing department was formed within Hargis & Associates, LLC.

Sarah is now managing the billing staff that assists nursing facilities with all aspects of accounts receivable, including billing. As a "hands on" president, she is still very active with clients and staff.

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