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Shelley Hines

Let me introduce you to Shelley Hines, Billing Specialist at Hargis and Associates. Shelley and her husband Chris have two teenagers, Christian and Laren. In her spare time, Shelley enjoys spending time with her family poolside. She and Laren are avid shoppers.

In billing, problem solving is not optional, but a must. Shelley’s ability to be detail oriented and thorough are what makes her a valued asset for our team and our clients. Shelley rarely meets a claim she cannot get paid—she simply does not give up. Her dedication is the exact reason you will want to add her to your speed dial list. If you have old claims that need working or claims that are slow or unwilling to pay, engage Shelley to intervene on your behalf.

Work cannot often be quantified, but with Shelley’s expertise, you will be able to di-rectly equate her efforts with tangible collected dollars. Put Shelley’s extraordinary work ethic to work for you today! 

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