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Stephanie Eaves

Meet Stephanie Eaves. Stephanie is one of the longest tenured employees of Hargis & Associates LLC having serviced over 35 years with our firm. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Kentucky. Stephanie and her husband Stone re-side in Bowling Green and have two daughters. She enjoys playing with her puppy, travel-ing and is an avid UK basketball fan.

Stephanie’s current title is Project Specialist which is code for “she can do anything.” Some of the things she has completed recently include drafting and designing reports inside of Point Click Care Software, a dashboard management report loaded with analytics to help manage long term care facilities, and in-house conversions. In addition to being our firm’s GAAP compliance police, Stephanie loves a challenge and is the first to tackle a new project. She is the ultimate team player, always willing to listen or help a co-worker who is pressed for time. Her work is thorough and her work papers meticulous. She can talk tax, billing, software, and financial statements— She REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING. The best thing about her, is she is humble and never wants credit.

If you need guidance, or have a difficult project to tackle, let Stephanie get you started!

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