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Coding for HIV/AIDS Patient

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 13 2020

Coding for HIV/AIDS Patient

When billing Medicare A it is important to make sure you are checking your diagnosis when you have an HIV/AIDS patient. That diagnosis needs to be present on the claim in the first 9 diagnosis or you could miss that extra reimbursement. For example, a resident with HIPPS KAXD would be paid roughly $4500 for 9 days. With the AIDS NTA bump and Nursing addon, the reimbursement increases to $6,426.18.

Click here to view the Reference Medicare Claims Processing Manual (100-04), Chapter 6, Section 120.4.

Click here to view the CMS website, under Fact Sheet, PDPM Payments for SNF Patients with HIV/AIDS.

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Blog by Leah Shoulders, Billing Manager 

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