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Recurring Quarterly Submissions That SNFs Are Required to File

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 06 2020

PBJ & Credit Balance Reports

Staffing Data Submission Payroll Based Journal (PBJ)


Credit Balance Report (Form CMS-838)

A Medicare credit balance is an amount determined to b refundable to the Medicare program for an improper or excess payment made to a provider because of patient billing or claims processing errors. Each provider must submit a quarterly Credit Balance Report (Form CMS-838) If your facility has more than one provider number, a separate report should be submitted for each provider number. If you fail to submit a Credit Balance (CMS-838) form and/or certification page with all provider numbers identified, Medicare payments will be suspended as stated in 42 CFR 413.20(e) and 405.370. Providers with low Medicare utilization, as specified in the Provider Reimbursement Manual, CMS Pub. 15-1, Chapter 24 2414.4 B, or who file less than twenty-five Medicare claims per year, do not have to submit Form CMS 838. Providers that qualify should submit one, signed and dated certification page and a letter indicating that they are a low Medicare utilization provider. The following provides the reporting periods and associated due dates.

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