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Resources: Long Term Care Provider News

Posted by Admin Posted on May 13 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Circumstances LTC Bed Change Requests​

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CMS has demonstrated unprecedented flexibility to long-term care facilities in order to protect residents during the pandemic. CMS has released the “COVID-19 Long-Term Care Facility Guidance”, issued blanket waivers for certain CMS requirements of participation for LTC facilities, as well as offered flexibility regarding timeframes for COVID-19 emergency bed change requests. In response to the relaxed requirements offered by CMS and Governor Andy Beshear’s Executive Order 2020-215 declaring a state of emergency in the Commonwealth, a new bed change request process has been developed. The COVID-19 Emergency Circumstances LTC Bed Change Request Process allows for the faster processing of temporary bed change requests due to emergency circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This process waives all licensure and architectural review fees, allows for architectural desk reviews, removes the typical CMS timeframe requirements and eliminates the requirement for color coded floor plans when requesting certification status changes.

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Emergency CMP Grant Project​

It is with great pleasure that the Cabinet for Health & Family Services (CHFS) announces an emergency Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Grant Project opportunity for all certified nursing facilities within the Commonwealth. Specifically, CMS has notified the CHFS office that a grant program, Communicative Technology Project, has been approved to assist in alleviating communication limitations due to COVID-19. This grant program will allow Medicare-certified nursing facilities to apply for a CMP fund grant for up to $3,000 to cover the costs of certain communicative technology devices and accessories. More information can be found on the OIG Civil Money Penalty Funds website.

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Department for Medicaid Services Update on Optional State Assessment

On March 19, 2020, CMS announced that changes to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 v1.18.1 are being delayed, therefore, an Optional State Assessment (OSA) is not needed on October 1, 2020, as originally anticipated, in order to continue Resource Utilization Group (RUG) based Medicaid reimbursement.
We continue to expect that in the future, CMS will remove items from the MDS item set that are needed for maintaining RUG case mix reimbursement. As CMS modifies the items on the MDS assessments in the future, DMS will evaluate if OSAs will be needed to continue its RUG‐III reimbursement system. Communications regarding any future OSA requirement will be issued at that time. We will continue to publish information as it becomes available.
Should you have any questions, please contact Jacob Wilson at (502) 564-8196, extension 2103. Questions regarding the coding of the MDS assessments may be directed to Chrystal Daugherty, RAI Coordinator with the Office of Inspector General at 606-330-2030, extension 283.

PDPM v1.0004​

A revision to the PDPM DLL Package (V1.0004 FINAL) was posted, and the previous version (V1.0003 FINAL) was removed. This version adds support for the new ICD-10-CM code for Coronavirus, U07.1. Note that this code is ONLY in effect for assessments with target date 04-01-2020 and later. The package contains updated test files and documentation.
Also, the lookup file for the allowable ICD codes in item I0020B has been updated to include U07.1, and it is posted as a separate ZIP file. Again, please note that this code is ONLY in effect for assessments with target date 04-01-2020 and later. The files are located in the Downloads section of the MDS 3.0 Technical Information site. 

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