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Posted by Admin Posted on July 15 2020


Starting August 3, 2020, all nursing and ICF/IID facilities will be required to use Kentucky Level of Care System (KLOCS) to submit Level of Care (LOC) applications and receive payment. Every facility will need a Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) account to access KLOCS. Below is the TAKE ACTION NOW email that Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) has sent out.   

Your facility must provide the Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) the names of individuals (2 max) responsible for managing your organization and its users in Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG). DMS will assign those individuals the KOG role of Organization Administrator. The Organization Administrator is responsible for granting and removing access to KLOCS on behalf of your organization.

How do I provide DMS this information?

Email the following information by 7/17/2020:

- Organization
- Name First and Last Name (2 people max per facility)
- Their email addresses

Guides for KOG Account Creation, the Organization Administrator Role, and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Set-Up will be available on the DMS KLOCS training page prior to the August 3, 2020 go-live.

What happens if my facility does not identify an Organization Administrator?

Without an Organization Administrator, your staff will NOT be able to access KLOCS to submit new LOC applications, initiate a request for PASRR Level II evaluations, nor manage active LOCs. This will impact your facility’s ability to receive payment.

If you have already provided DMS this information, please follow-up to confirm they received the initial request.   


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