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Summary of Provider Relief Fund Payments

Posted by Admin Posted on July 15 2020

Summary of Provider Relief Fund Payments.

General Distribution Payment:
Two separate payments on April 10-17 and April 24
Attestation deadline for April 10-17 payment was July 9
Attestation deadline for April 24 payment is July 23

Targeted SNF-Only Distribution:
Payment sent on May 22
Attestation deadline for May 22 payment is August 20

Targeted Medicaid/CHIP Distribution:
Eligible for Medicaid providers who have not received General Distribution payment
Applications must be submitted by July 20

Do I have to submit a quarterly report to HHS for April, May and June 2020 quarter?

No. All Recipients of the Provider Relief Fund payments who attest and agree to the Terms and Conditions, do not need to submit a separate quarterly report to HHS or the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee. HHS will submit a report containing all information necessary to comply with the reporting requirements of the CARES Act. However, HHS will be requiring recipients to submit future reports of how the Provider Relief Funds were spent. HHS will notify recipients of the content and due date.

What type of Documentation do I need to provide for the Provider Relief Fund Payments?

All expenses and lost revenues should be linked to COVID-19. Providers should not only track the expense but record what the item was used for and how it related to COVID-19. HHS has clarified that the Provider Relief Fund payments can be used for expenses incurred after January 1, 2020. These expenses must be related to COVID-19. HHS has said it will reconcile payments to expenses and lost revenues at the end of the pandemic.

What if I have excess Provider Relief Fund Payments that I do not spend?

HHS will provide directions on how to return the unused funds.   


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