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KY Legislative Updates HB276 & HB278

Posted by Admin Posted on Apr 14 2021

House Bill 276

HB 276 passed out of the Senate today. 96-0 in house and 36-0 in Senate. HB 276 is an act relating to temporary personal care attendants transitioning to state registered nurse aides after the end of the public health emergency. HB 276 creates an “open door” for individuals who joined the long-term care workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic by recognizing their “on-the-job training” as a pathway toward certification as a nurse aide. Certified nurse aides are the backbone of the long-term care profession and the position is often the first step in the long-term care career ladder leading to jobs such as licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, directors of nursing, and corporate compliance.  

HB 276 will now move to Governor Beshear to sign.

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House Bill 278

HB 278, which made eligible expenses of an approved PPP loan deductible, was officially signed into law by Governor Beshear.   

Thank you to everyone who reached out to their legislators on this bill. Your support helped get HB 278 across the finish line.

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