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2022 KY Medicaid Rates

Posted by Admin Posted on June 27 2022

2022 KY Medicaid Rates: Revised 7.1.2022

The Department for Medicaid Services will be increasing the Medicaid rates with the full inflationary rate of 3.1%. This is up from last years increase of 2.5% increase. The capital rate component will receive the RS Means construction cost index of 21.33%. Also, the $29 add-on will remain in the rate until June 2024.

If you would like for our office to calculate your projected 7-1-2022 Medicaid rate, please forward your 4-1-2022 Medicaid rate and your January 2022 thru March 2022 Medicaid case mix to our office. Call us at (270) 726-4033 or email us at:

Rhonda Houchens, Director of Operations



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