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KOG: Kentucky Online Gateway, Changes Effective October 1

Posted by Admin Posted on Sept 29 2022

KOG: Kentucky Online Gateway MFA Management

Effective October 1, 2022, you will notice changes when logging into KOG, such as:

1. The KOG Log in screen is upgraded.

2. You will be prompted to register for a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) method, even if you have done so prior to October 1st.

3. Who primary MFA methods are available:

     a. OKTA Verify (recommended)

     b. Symantec VIP

*Due to the above changes, the security verification process when contacting the Partner Portal Technical Support Staff has changed. Callers should be prepared to provide the following information on all calls effective 10/3/2022:

•     KY Medicaid ID
•     Name of the Organization or Provider
•     National Provider Identifier (NPI)
•     Tax ID (either Federal Employee Identification Number or Social Security Number)

KOG MFA User Guide.


Simple Steps for setting up KOG MFA


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