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Kentucky Medicaid Update: Member Renewals

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 27 2023

Kentucky Medicaid Update: Member Renewals

An important message from The Department for Medicaid Services’ (DMS).

Kentucky will resume normal enrollment and eligibility operations for Medicaid in alignment with federal laws on May 1. After that date, some Medicaid members who have continuously received benefits during the Public Health Emergency may be at risk of losing Medicaid if they are no longer eligible. The Department for Medicaid Services’ (DMS) goals are to reduce unnecessary loss of coverage for those who are eligible and to support those who are no longer eligible in obtaining alternative coverage.

Coordinated efforts are underway to reach all members who will be impacted by this change.

Medicaid renewals will be processed over the course of 12 months. DMS will notify members about 60 days in advance of their renewal date through multiple forms of communication, including letters, text, and email. As a partner of DMS, there are very important ways that you can help support members through their renewal:

•       Encourage individuals to keep their contact information updated through their account in kynect.

•       Make sure members know to check for any letters, emails, or messages from Medicaid about their renewal status.

•       Help members understand the importance of logging into kynect and completing all steps for their renewal.

DMS launched to share all information and resources regarding Medicaid renewals and the unwinding of the Public Health Emergency, which will end on May 11, 2023. We encourage you (and your stakeholders) to use this website to access available communications and resources DMS developed to inform the public about the upcoming changes.

We will be holding stakeholder meetings in March to keep everyone informed. More information and invitations to those events will be made available over the next month. DMS will provide regular updates on its social media accounts, so be sure to sign up to stay informed!

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If you need assistance, please contact our office. Call us at (270) 726-4033.

Sarah McIntosh, President



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