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Make sure to update your VBP Score.

Posted by Admin Posted on Sept 20 2023

Make sure to update your VBP Score

As of 10/1/23 the Medicare Rates will be updated. CMS estimates that the aggregate impact of the payment policies in this rule would result in a net increase of 4%. The SNF wage index is different for each urban and rural Core-Based Statistical Area.

While most AR systems update the Medicare rates, they do not update the facility specific Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) score. Each facility must download and update their individual VBP score. If the appropriate VBP score is not entered into your AR system, the AR will not be calculated correctly. The VBP incentive score was frozen at .9920 during COVID. As of 10/1/23, the VBP for each SNF is back in effect. Below are instructions to share with your facility on how to locate this report.

Instructions for Locating your VBP Report

To locate your new report in iQIES, please follow the instructions listed below:

1. Log into iQIES using your Health Care Quality Information Systems (HCQIS) Access Roles and Profile (HARP) user ID and password.

     a. If you do not have a HARP account, you may register for a HARP ID using the link below.

2. In the Reports menu, select My Reports.

3. From the My Reports page, locate the MDS 3.0 Provider Preview Reports folder. Select the MDS 3.0 Provider Preview Reports link to open the folder.

4. Here you can see the list of reports available for download. Locate the desired SNF VBP Program Quarterly Confidential Feedback Report.

5. Once located, select More next to your desired SNF VBP Program Quarterly Confidential Feedback Report and the report will be downloaded through your browser. Once downloaded, open the file to view your facility’s report.

For additional questions about accessing your SNF’s report, which can only be accessed in iQIES, please contact the QIES/iQIES Service Center by phone at (800) 339-9313 or send an email to

Click here to log into iQIES.

Click here to register for a HARP ID.

For more information about the SNF VBP Program, please visit the CMS website.

Do you have questions? You may call us at (270) 726-4033 or email us at:


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